Frazier Lake Airpark Antique Aircraft Display Days
Saturday Jan 2 2021
Saturday Feb 6 2021
Saturday Mar 6 2021
Saturday Apr 3 2021
Saturday May 1 2021
Saturday Jun 5 2021
Saturday Jul 3 2021
Saturday Aug 7 2021
Saturday Sep 4 2021
Saturday Oct 2 2021
Saturday Nov 6 2021
Saturday Dec 4 2021
   The 1st Saturday of the month is antique aircraft display day at 
   Frazier Lake Airpark and open to the public. 
   The gate will be open 10am to 3pm. 
Flying into Frazier Lake on Display Days
  • Please use caution! Traffic (aircraft, cars, people) is higher than normal on display days
  • If radio equipped, turn radio on and announce intentions on Frazier Lake CTAF 123.05
  • Maintain a sterile cockpit in and around the airpark - many distractions exist during display days
  • Visitor aircraft parking is south of the taxiway closest to the hangars - watch for signage
  • Watch for cars, bikes, pedestrians, children and dogs on the inner taxiway
  • Shut down engine(s) prior to unloading or loading passengers
  • Wing walk all departing aircraft from the parking areas
  • Caution! Check with your insurer or flight school, to review restrictions associated with landing on a turf runway
  • Runway 23/5 is a turf runway and is subject to changing conditions. Use at your own risk
Driving into Frazier Lake on Display Days
  • Guest vehicle parking is located north of the hangars via the dirt road - follow the signage
  • Drive carefully on airport property and obey the 15mph speed limit at all times
  • DO NOT drive on the airport taxiways (asphalt roads in front of hangars)
All Visitors
  • Aircraft always have the right-of-way
  • Caution! Turning propellers are very difficult to see and extremely dangerous
  • Insure everyone in your group stays together, especially children and/or pets
  • Please respect the property of others and ask before touching aircraft