Frazier Lake Airpark Information
Airport Indentifier 1C9
Airport Use Privately Owned / Public Use
City 8 miles NW of Hollister CA
Elevation 152 feet
Variation 15 degrees East
Sectional San Francisco
ARTCC Oakland Center
FSS Oakland FSS
CTAF 123.05
Hollister AWOS 120.425 (831) 636-4394
(KCVH - 4 NM SE)
South County AWOS 118.35 (408) 918-7724
(E16 - 10 NM NW)
Runway 5/23 2500 x 100 feet Turf
Runway 5W/23W 3000 x 60 x 2.5 feet WATER
Traffic Patterns All Traffic Patterns NW
Normal Winds AM: calm
PM: Favor 23 at 15-20 kts
Frazier Lake Board Meetings
FLA Board meetings are every 3rd Wed 7:00pm
Wings of History Air Museum
12777 Murphy Ave
San Martin CA 95046
Next Board Meeting:
-Warning- All Pilots
The data contained on this web page is for reference only and is subject to change. Please comply with FAR 91.103 and take the required preflight action. Prior to flight telephone a FSS (1-800-992-7433 or 1-800-WX-BRIEF) to obtain current data. This web page is NOT intended to provide navigational information essential to flight operations.
Frazier Lake Airpark
1C9 - Frazier Lake Airpark is a privately-owned old-fashioned airpark hosting numerous classic antiques. With a 2500 foot long turf runway, the Cubs, Stinsons, Cessna 180s and Stearmans are all right at home. Runway 23/5 is a turf runway and is subject to changing conditions. Check Notams. Use at your own risk.

1C9 is positioned in a small valley that runs from Hollister to San Jose and is between the cities of Gilroy and Hollister. Frazier Lake has some great flying adventures close by. You can take a trip through the golden brown hills towards the central valley or head southwest and find the beach. Many non-towered airports are close by and if you like to talk to a controller, Monterey Class C Airspace is just 20 NM South.
There is no fuel at Frazier Lake, but Hollister (KCVH) is only 4nm southeast and South County (E16) is 10nm NW. Both are lighted and have self-serve 100LL open all hours. The weather is typically awesome sunshine with moderate temps and a predictable afternoon wind of 17 knots right down 23. Some mornings the sun gives way to a short lived overcast.

The turf can get soft just after a rain in the winter months. Sometimes the runway is closed due to wet conditions, so check the notams before coming over. There are no training flights or touch-n-go landings for 3 days after a rain. Please follow this rule. Hard landings on the soft turf have caused many man hours and member $ to take care of.